March 13, 2020

Webfoot Painting Achieves 35% YoY Growth with Pipeline

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CRM for Painting and Construction

Webfoot Painting is a humble-beginnings-to-major-success story. Back in 2003, Gavin Hepp and Travis Ulrich were students at the University of Oregon trying to make their way through college. As a way to raise some money to support themselves, they decided to set up Webfoot Painting. Initially, it was just a part-time seasonal gig during the summers. However, they quickly saw there was a lot more potential to it than that.

In 2006, the pair moved the company to Central Oregon from the Willamette Valley and things really started to take off. Once settled in Bend, Webfoot Painting began to expand rapidly. With a strong emphasis on high quality, hard work, and customer service, the number of happy customers rose consistently. As things stand, they currently employ approximately 100 people and are continuing to hire new staff.

The company is constantly evolving. Starting life solely as a painting contractor, they have branched out into construction as well over the years. As business kicked up a gear or five, the company at times found themselves with more work on their hands than they could manage. As the pace of growth continued to pick up, it wasn’t long before Webfoot Painting realized that they needed help in the shape of a CRM solution.

Webfoot Painting with Pipeline in Bend, Oregon

Sales Pipeline Software that Grows With Your Business

Webfoot Painting wanted software that was easy to use. A CRM/sales software that would take care of the things that needed taking care of – leaving the company to get on with what it does best. When they first figured out that they needed a CRM system, they initially went with ACT! Why?

“Well,” says Gavin Hepp, “because that was the standard solution at the time.”

This was the early days of CRM software and most businesses didn’t really have any idea of what they should be looking for, or even that there were other, more suitable, systems out there.

However, with the benefit of hindsight, Gavin realized ACT! was definitely not the answer for Webfoot Painting.

“It was just terrible, looking back at it. It was very cumbersome.”

As things progressed, the company needed a solution that could keep up with its growth. Being held back by unwieldy software was not an option for Webfoot Painting.

Having software that employees didn’t want to use was not only counterproductive to having the system in the first place, but it was also expensive too. Webfoot Painting knew they had to switch if they wanted a CRM that would help them to stay on track with their expansion plans.

Pipeline provided Webfoot Painting with exactly what they’d been looking for – and failing to find – in alternative solutions. A simple, easy-to-use CRM system that met their requirements and didn’t overload them with things they didn’t need. Rather than hindering the company’s employees, Pipeline streamlined their sales process and made them more efficient.

“Pipeline did a really good job. It was all done really clean and easy,” confirms Gavin. “I just thought these are all the functions we need.”

It can be a daunting prospect, changing CRM systems – or signing up for a new solution for the first time. Many firms put it off or take a better-the-devil-you-know attitude towards it. Webfoot Painting, however, found adopting Pipeline CRM to be a completely painless process. They found the implementation of the solution to be easy and stress-free.

“All of our estimators and staff quickly pick it up,” Gavin explains. “And what I really like about it is we can use it in the fashion we need.”

Pipeline's custom fields and reporting functions, in particular, have gone down a storm with Webfoot Painting. Sales Estimator for the company, Caleb Trowbridge, emphasizes PipelineDeals helps to keep his brain straight.

“From having access to the sales reports to searching for prospects when we’ve got a gap in our schedules, with Pipeline I can put everything together and rock and roll.”

The Results: How Pipeline Helped Webfoot Painting to Evolve

Gavin believes bringing Pipeline on board at a time when the company was starting a long period of growth was crucial to the success of the project. It allowed them to implement best practices as they went along and reap the advantages of already having them in place as things continued to pick up.

“We’ve just been able to implement, implement, implement,” Gavin proclaims, “and that is really where Webfoot Painting’s strengths lie.”

Painting is a seasonal industry that often sees the summer months booked solid with a lull in business during the winter months. Nonetheless, working with Pipeline helped Webfoot Painting turn this fluctuation to its advantage. Top-notch data collection and collation means that when the off-season rolls around, the company is ready to take advantage of the quiet period. This is when Webfoot Painting turns its attention to business development and prospecting.

“All of our stats come from Pipeline. We put everything in there, religiously, meaning sources are tracked very accurately,” Gavin explains. “We just have very good data.”

And they’ve managed to take that data and turn it into concrete results. Webfoot Painting has an impressive 55-60% close rate during the winter months.

All in all, the Webfoot Painting-Pipeline collaboration has been a resounding success. Almost ten years on, Central Oregon’s premier painting contractor has never looked back. Gavin Hepp is the first to admit that the company would be lost without the user-friendly CRM they adopted back when they were a lot smaller than they are now.

“All of our systems rely on Pipeline. It has become an integral part of our business,” he admits. “I can’t imagine what we’d be like without it.”

For more about Webfoot Painting, please visit the company website at:

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